MAC srl

Founded in November 2005 as a sole trader, thanks to the initiative of Antonio Marsala, who had already been working for more than ten years in the mechanical engineering sector. In March 2009 the firm became an "srl" - a limited company - managed by the founder himself.

As months passed, the company went from processing metal constructions in general, to work mainly destined for the oil industry. In particular MAC srl is engaged in making final joint fittings for flexible rubber hoses.

Our production department has gained more than ten years of experience. 
All our young workers know perfectly the processing they are responsible for and carry out safely and professionally all kinds of processing on machine tools.

Since 2006 our company has been certified according to the UNI EN ISO9001; 2000 standards, which have now become UNI EN ISO 9001; 2008.
Seriousness and punctuality have always been adjectives that distinguish us and on which our company policy is based. 
Our strength consists of providing a rapid high-quality service at competitive prices, in order to manage to create, with our customers, a satisfying relationship which lasts over time.

We are engaged mainly in making joint fittings for flexible rubber hoses, used in the off-shore oil industry. We are capable of meeting requests for the construction of fittings from 3" to 24", accessories, special pieces such as spool-pieces, blind flanges, reducers, etc...
All certified, radiographed and checked according to the ASME, UNI, API and BS international standards.

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